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build of the microscope kit @luglimbe 8 months ago
Can Public Lab help eradicate guinea worm disease by illuminating unknown and potentially contaminated water sources across a jungle/swampy endemic area? @CWells about 1 year ago
Kilimanjaro Citizen Science - KCS-1 @cutlan over 1 year ago
Map of utm mauritius using hexacopter @rajeev21 almost 3 years ago
MapKnitter map of Mighty Model Club mauritius @rajeev21 about 3 years ago
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africa over 3 years ago by liz 3 840 0
nairobi over 3 years ago by liz 3 873 0
kenya over 3 years ago by liz 2 895 0
uganda over 4 years ago by mlamadrid 3 1,048 0
south-africa over 4 years ago by liz 1 873 0
Togo over 8 years ago by cesarharada 8 2,658 2


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playaround 2018 - Taipei | Off Ground - Fly High @dusjagr 7 months ago
Folding-Beijing: A Board Game based on Beijing eviction action @shanlter over 1 year ago
Kite aerial photography in China @Shizi almost 3 years ago
Pm 2.5 network in Taiwan @liz about 3 years ago
Guilin Pharma mapping @shanlter over 3 years ago
MapKnitter map of Sun Moon Lake Reservoir @peteryoung almost 4 years ago
Kaohsiung Gas Explosions 2014 (update) @muyueh over 4 years ago
Presentation on how we collaborate @liz about 5 years ago
An attempt to test olive oil substance with spectrometer. @muyueh about 5 years ago
Jakarta Flood Kite Mapping @willie over 5 years ago meetup @liz over 5 years ago
Hong Kong Open Source Meetup @liz over 5 years ago
Report back from "Making a Difference" Asia @liz over 5 years ago
Fukuoka's One Straw Revolution @GreenYouth over 5 years ago
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谷仓聚会 Barnraising Guangzhou, China 8 months ago by shanlter 12 489 5
taiwan over 4 years ago by liz 2 1,046 0

South America

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Cashapamba, Valle de los chillos, Ecuador @galapagos 8 months ago
H2O sensores - oportunidade de parceria @Gasp00 12 months ago
MACA - Open AQ monitor - Second prototype @nanocastro about 1 year ago
Some flying/mapping seems to be coming our way and we’ll need help! @pazb almost 2 years ago
VIHELMO VELAPATINO. - Unmanned Aerial Systems - Drones in LIMA PERU @vihelmo almost 4 years ago
CEDAPS realiza Oficina de Mapeamento em Eusébio, Ceará @ives about 6 years ago
Kite Mapping Workshops in Puno, Peru’s Altiplano – Pt. 1: Alpaca Farmers @anita over 6 years ago
Experiments with kites, balloons, and infrared photography at FabLab Lima @warren over 6 years ago
Taller de espectrometría "DIY" en Lima, Peru @warren over 8 years ago
Bifocal infrared/visible filter at Lima workshop @warren over 8 years ago
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Mãe d'Água - Chico Mendes V1.1.0 almost 3 years ago by GSan 22 7,153 4
llactalab over 3 years ago by liz 2 1,256 1
infoamazonia-network over 3 years ago by vjpixel 2 1,987 2
brasil over 4 years ago by gtalckmin 4 1,556 1
Santiago, Chile almost 8 years ago by gonzoearth 17 25,109 4


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MapKnitter map of Besos beach, Barcelona @imvec 7 months ago
MapKnitter map of Collado Villalba @imvec 8 months ago
Which organizer can I contact if I want to start the first chapter in Germany? @niklasjordan about 1 year ago
Proofmode + Open Camera @imvec about 1 year ago
Indoor Air Remediation Kit—Paris Prototype and Workshop 2/2/18 @nshapiro over 1 year ago
Hack The Earth: 6th edition open call @imvec over 1 year ago
Do people who collaborated at the Madeira Open Institute event have photos to share? @warren over 1 year ago
Open Institute presentation on facilitating community science @warren over 1 year ago
Low cost sensor for air quality monitoring @mprof9 over 1 year ago
Ballon mapping workshop - University A Coruña @imvec over 1 year ago
How to run ImageJ, Fiji in RPi? @elongo over 1 year ago
MapKnitter map of TREM @LAVOSLAVA almost 2 years ago
July 12 event in Sheffield UK -- the changing face of expertise in the 21st C @liz almost 2 years ago
Free Phototrap in Ateneo Atlántico de Prototipado and more @geeksha over 2 years ago
Questions: Balloon size and balloon mappers in Sheffield, UK @lionfish about 3 years ago
Raspberry + NoIR cam + Sensors to detect water stress of the plants during their growing @LaPa about 3 years ago
Mapping Trees In Berlin @chmooze over 3 years ago
Taller de fotografía aérea en Madrid @pablo over 3 years ago
DIY aerial photography: Kite-mapping workshop in London, UK @cindy_excites almost 4 years ago
Small DIY aerostat "Uchbovy" made in Kharkiv, Ukraine @Alex_the_Ukrainian about 4 years ago
Equipo barato para PAP (FABApole) @Juan about 5 years ago
Jornada de documentación y exploración colectiva del territorio @7enproceso about 5 years ago
Fake alcoholic drinks @Dplus over 6 years ago
Touch|Play|Learn: a space to explore & create @cindy_excites over 6 years ago
preparing for the Touch|Play|Learn mini-Expo @cindy_excites almost 7 years ago
Trees, Chainsaws, Protest and Balloons @warren over 7 years ago
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Madeira over 1 year ago by warren 14 189 2
Spain about 2 years ago by xose 32 5,730 5
Mildmay Community Centre, London, UK almost 4 years ago by cindy_excites 11 5,036 1
Extreme Citizen Science at University College of London over 4 years ago by mollydanielsson 2 4,449 0
italia almost 5 years ago by liz 1 830 0
España almost 5 years ago by warren 1 788 1