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Raspberry Pi camera (visible and NOIR) V2 / picamera effects demos

by MaggPi | June 02, 2018 22:12 02 Jun 22:12 | #16423 | #16423

Four videos demonstrate Raspberry Pi V2 picamera preset processing effects. The effects show preprogrammed camera settings that may be useful for both spectral imaging and microscope applications. For info on picamera processing features see:

Effects are demonstrated for both Visible and NOIR Raspberry Pi V2 cameras. Image objects are the same except for the Raspberry PI camera box (visible and NOIR) and lighting tags (visible, visible with infrared and infrared) used to help the viewer identify the different camera and lighting conditions.

Raspberry Pi visible V2 / picamera effects demo (White light) --Shows standard visible images.

Raspberry Pi NOIR V2 / picamera effects demo (IR light) -Demonstrates black/white images typical of infrared imaging. Note counterfeit markings in the 5 dollar bill and transparent filters.

Raspberry Pi NOIR V2 / picamera effects demo (White and IR light) -Mixed visible and infrared lighting conditions show different color blends.

Raspberry Pi NOIR V2 / picamera effects demo (White light) -Images should be identical to the Raspberry Pi visible V2 / picamera effects demo since no IR light is used. Note imaging artifact that occurs across public lab stickers.

Videos demonstrate brightness, contrast, AWB (Automatic White Balance), image effects and exposure processing modes. Image is displayed at default settings between effects for comparison. Over 40 different settings are displayed and the video length is approx. 5 minutes.

The camera configuration uses an image similar to another posting ( ) and is pictured below. Imaging objects include a resolution chart and Camera Trax Color Card for resolution and color identification. See:





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