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Infragram Point & Shoot cameras now in production

by natalie | June 19, 2014 20:26 19 Jun 20:26 | #10592 | #10592

UPDATE 7/29/14 We have received the first 100 point and shoot cameras and are getting them ready to ship. We are still waiting on the SD cards to arrive, but they should be in this week along with 300 more cameras. Shipping should begin early next week! Thanks again for all your support and patience through this new venture!

Hey folks!

Just a few quick updates on the Infragram Point & Shoot. We are running a little bit behind schedule as we had to work out a few kinks with the prototype and figure out SD cards and new packaging. You will be happy to know that we have finally placed the bulk order for 500 pre-modded Mobius cameras today. We are hoping to have these getting out and in the mail to you by mid July and have all Kickstarter orders fulfilled by the end of that of that month.

If you didn't sign up for a Point & Shoot, pre-orders are open and will ship shortly after the Kickstarter rewards.



In the meantime, based on ongoing collaborative research at, we have improved the web-based processing software to make analyzing your photos much easier and more intuitive. The interface comes with presets for different kinds of cameras (including the new Point & Shoot), and is more compact and mobile-friendly. Give it a spin at or get involved in improving this open source project at

Thanks for your support!


I am excited about this new camera. I recently purchased a DJI Phantom 2 with the intent of using it along with a modified Canon A2200 to shoot aerial NDVI imagery. With the copter already loaded with GoPro, FPV, Ground Station, and iosd it has all it can handle. I added the A2200 to the copter but it was extremely unstable and I am afraid to fly it overloaded. With this light weight camera I can remove the FPV and still be within weight limits. My question, since a different filter is now being used, are there plugins available for Fiji to process the new type of data?

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rway - i'm not sure about the Photo Monitoring Plugin but you should ask on the infrared discussion list as Ned Horning (the developer) is there. However, there are blue and red filter techniques available at

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@rway, Ned's plugin for Fiji has always been able to use any of the three channels for either the infrared or visible band when computing NDVI. So it can work with either red or blue filters.

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