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NIEHS podcast about Citizen Science

by sara | March 21, 2014 00:38 21 Mar 00:38 | #10210 | #10210

NIEHS podcast about Citizen Science

Following my recent talk at NIEHS (National Institute for Environmental Health Science) I was delighted to be asked to give a podcast about Citizen Science efforts. Here are the results:

It's great to see support and interest in Citizen Science coming from NIEHS. As a research agency they have made huge strides in our understanding of environmental health threats like endocrine disruptors and in supporting environmental justice and community engaged research. Their strategic plan goals are really worth an examination, as there are many possibilities for imagining how they might involve Civic Science projects. Oh I use the term Citizen Science in this podcast because it's all of 6 minutes and that just isn't long enough for a discussion about whether Citizen or Civic Science is a more appropriate term. I thought it best to take the time to describe a few projects and the potential they promise for rethinking science and how agencies might interact with public in much more tangible ways.

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And there is a whole lot more here.

Here is a pdf of the podcast page Citizen_SciencePodcast.pdf

And a transcript of the conversation www.niehs.nih.gov_research_supported_dert_programs_peph_podcasts_citizen_science_citizen_science_transcript_508.pdf


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