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Kite Video test: City Park

by eustatic | July 17, 2013 15:32 17 Jul 15:32 | #8902 | #8902

What I want to do

Practicing Kite Flying in an urban area, in order to video human movement from low altitude at demonstrations and parades in New Orleans

My attempt and results

I used the little bear kite to lift the video camera (a canon point and shoot) using the soda bottle rig.

The wind was strong above the treeline, but very unstable. This is common on the Gulf Coast.

Because of the strong wind, I launched leeward of the target, and backed away to give tension for kite lift.

I flew at City Park, among people, but in a quad of open grass. 29.985884, -90.097568

The shaky results are below

The target was acquired, but the video is shaky.

Ultimatley, the 20th April demonstration was not recorded, due to security concerns about an kite among tourists, from a french quarter NOPD officer.

Here is the video that was distributed. One can imagine the higher altitude video that was desired.

Questions and next steps

would the new cameras discussed for the kite kits be more stable? would a cantilevered rig help the stability? It's clear that wind directed the soda bottle rig into an oblique position.


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