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Downhill to Tinco. Tinco, Peru.

by gonzoearth | March 15, 2014 00:43 15 Mar 00:43 | #10184 | #10184

By Cartographer: Grelus Voitekus | Mappers: Grelus Voitekus

-12.2863 N, -75.6905 E


Ground resolution: 8.53 cm/px

Capture date: 2013-04-30

Publication date: 2014-03-14

License: Public Domain

looking North downhill


I was traveling through Peru on my bicycle that time. There are so steep mountains there that sometimes you can make map by just standing on the edge and taking photo of the village down in the valley :-)

Also i found very hard to get good reliable maps of Peru backroads. So i used google satelite view to plan my way through Peru and then when I was traveling, I was collecting as much data as i was able to put it later on OSM.

Cartographer notes

The first non-aerial image map in this archive. Ok the surrounding topography is inaccurate but the neighborhood is surprisingly decent considering it was taken from the ground!


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