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Lake Merritt, Oakland California

by gonzoearth | October 21, 2011 01:28 21 Oct 01:28 | #513 | #513

Mapped by Pat Coyle, Stewart Long, Mike Migurski, Jezra Thompson, Gem

Cartographer: Stewart Long

Published by gonzoearth

37.80763356781229 N, -122.25862685316768 E


Ground resolution: 2.0 cm/px

Capture date: 2011-07-30T00:00:00

Publication date: 2011-10-20T00:00:00

License: Public Domain


It was a cloudy late July morning in the field. We basically walked along the Northern lakeshore path for most of the flight. Throughout the flight we had to guide the balloon below and around obstructions and hazards. the winds were fairly calm and it was fairly easy to control the position of the balloon with the tether.

Navigating the balloon around the trees.

Among the things to explore in this map: -Children's Fairyland An Oakland mainstay. -Lakeside Park -Lake Merritt Boating Center -Golden State Bonsai Collection -Oakland Lawn Bowling Club -Oakland Croquet Club -Rotary Nature Center

3 person balloon recovery team; one person is wrangling the line in, one is feeding it evenly and centered to the tether, and the remaining person works the spool.

Cartographer notes

Almost 90 min of continuous shooting produced thousands of images from this flight. In most cases there were multiple perspectives for all of the discrete features in this scene.

Bringing the balloon down on the NW dock:

Piedmont Post article on the event:


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