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High altitude flight uses radio and open hardware

by gonzoearth | July 19, 2012 14:49 19 Jul 14:49 | #2892 | #2892

There are lots of people and organizations that have done high altitude untethered balloon flights in the last few years, publicizing them on the web with video and image montages. This flight/stunt/experiment was different in some key areas. - It was done by enthusiasts of the Rasberry Pi and completley open hardware. - The flight included radio telemetry communication with multiple ground stations, enabling the flyers to track the fight in real time. - The flight used radio to transmit images while at altitude.

If you have not heard about Rasberry Pi, the project is worth a glance. It is a credit card sized arm powered PC, for $35. And they have announced that they are adding a 5MP camera module.


cool. White Star Balloons has done some great open hardware work on high altitude balloons as well. Those interested in high altitude ballooning should check out the ARHAB (Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon) page and list

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