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Gowanus CSI: Creek Scene Investigation

by liz | May 07, 2014 13:49 07 May 13:49 | #10436 | #10436

This note is posted on behalf of Eymund:

The Gowanus CSI Team (Gowanus Creek Scene Investigation) is announcing the reopening of...

The Prospect Park Buried Bodies Cold Case

1860: Evidence that a large fresh water wetland was drained to make Prospect Park:


1865: Evidence that this wetland was fed by network of artesian springs that then fed the natural stream flows of Vechte's and Brouwers Brooks, feeding into Gowanus Creek:


The Gowanus CSI Team (Gowanus Creek Scene Investigation) Clue Kit


The Gowanus CSI Team on the case


Can Grassroots Mappers establish a connection between the burial and diversion of historic springs and streams and this Gowanus crime victim?:


Join the fun !


You can find out more about rough research mapping notes from ongoing CSI investigations here:

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