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Infragrams over NYC: Davidson Garden, Bronx

by liz | July 02, 2013 17:01 02 Jul 17:01 | #8608 | #8608

shown above: 10 stitched Infragram images. These photos were captured from the end of a 43' long fishing pole over Davidson Garden, 3885 Davidson Avenue, Bronx.

Pole aerial photography over community gardens and urban farms

Last week we set out with a 43' fishing pole to lift an Infragram over several gardens that are participating in the Design Trust's Five Borough Farm Project. Kimberly Brown of Davidson Garden points up at the aerial camera:


Our attempt and results




Questions and next steps

The fruit trees (apple in bottom left and apricot in mid right) show up with the highest NDVI values. We are wondering why the wood chips on the paths have some reflectivity in the near Infrared -- it makes the beds harder to discern.


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