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Impressive stats from GreenHunan

by liz , shanlter | December 16, 2016 14:49 16 Dec 14:49 | #13790 | #13790

Green Hunan is a civil society organization in China that organizes volunteers to monitor the watershed of the Xiang River, a major tributary of the Yangtze River. See their website

In a brief meeting on Wednesday, November 23, I had a chance to sit down with a staff person of GreenHunan and learn some basic facts about their approach to environmental monitoring:

  • They created a "field kit" box containing an educational card game, and a version of GreenovationHub's water test kit.
  • they train volunteers on water monitoring at a large annual conference event each fall
  • of the 122 prefectures in Hunan province, 67 have active Green Hunan volunteers
  • there are 400 volunteers active per week
  • these volunteers submit around 15 reports of violations per month to either the Chinese EPA pollution reporting hotline #12369, or to the local mayor's office #12345
  • On average, every week, the government solves 1 to 2 of these reported problems.

Excited to learn more form Green Hunan and keep sharing water monitoring strategies!


Thank you for your detailed introduction! This is Phil volunteering for Green Hunan, and we are looking to learn & share information through this forum on a regular basis - a great way to improve our water-related strategies!

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Hi @GreenHunan , do you have any updated statistics on your amazing volunteer community? Would love to hear! Thank you.

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