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NYC 2013 kickoff meeting

by liz | February 21, 2013 16:24 21 Feb 16:24 | #6077 | #6077

Monday evening February 18 was the kickoff meeting for the NYC Public Lab community.

We discussed organization level topics such as

  • How digital communication tools (google groups, website + alpha site, github) are being used (or not)
  • Working Groups
    • Education Working Group
  • Barnraisings
  • Barnstars
  • coordinating presentations
  • sharing event invitations
  • annotated map features in development
  • next Grassroots Mapping Forum to focus on NYC
  • potential monthly meetups

We discussed individual projects such as

  • GLAM: 2013 directions and topics by Eymund Diegel

    • proposing alternatives to CSO storage tanks in the form of play pumps, a Gowanus Canal Conservancy school initiative
    • stream documentation e.g. Superfund 1st St Basin inclusion
    • vegetation mapping
    • monitoring pollution infractions
    • analytical activities to find runoff sites
    • PR for open space (Marylander Site initiative)
  • Thermal Fishing Bob by Kaya Simmons

  • Aerial microbe sampling event by Liz and Wanda
  • Connecting to academia and NASA by Lela Prashad
  • State of the spectrometer by liz
  • UAV aerial mapping for first responders by Daniel
  • Weather stations throughout Newtown Creek watershed by Leif


Wow how many people came?!

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just 7, but an awesome 7

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