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Initial results: PL Mobius Infragram Point and Shoot on Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

by patcoyle | November 27, 2014 23:59 27 Nov 23:59 | #11413 | #11413

What I want to do

Explore mapping with lightweight PL Mobius Infragram and low-lift, low altitude UAVs (like Parrot AR.Drone 2.0).

My attempt and results

Mounted PL Mobius Infragram Point and Shoot on Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 using orange rubber bands.


Flew initial low altitude test. Used paid license version of PTLens to apply fisheye correction and crop the images.

Example Before




Used Adobe PS to make a panorama from the fisheye corrected, cropped infrablue images.


I stitched a couple of the images in Mapknitter. However, the very low altitude images, require zooming all the way in.

I stitched five of the images in Mapknitter. After initial null exports, Jeff Warren revised the resolution from 0.39 cm/pixel to 1 cm/pixel, which led to successful export. As noted above, the very low altitude images, require zooming all the way in.

Cropped, then used Ned Horning's Fiji Photomonitoring plugin to process the infrablue panorama to NDVI.

Floating Point


Color using NDVIBlu2Red.lut


Questions and next steps

Get the gps waypoint capability working again, explore niche where this combination of gear makes sense.

Why I'm interested

The lightweight form factor of PL Mobius Infragram Point and Shoot allows use of it with low-lift UAVs. Together with ability to correct fisheye effect, makes for another (albeit limited niche) aerial mapping tool in the toolbox.


The lens distortion correction and NDVI look great!

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Thanks Stewart, I appreciated your suggestions on correcting the distortions.

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This looks really good, how do i translate the PTLens stuff into GIMP or BIMP, like the folks in Maine are posting about?

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Haven't tried it, but this site discusses how to Correct Fisheye in GIMP

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Tried it, see Flikr images of results at:


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Interesting results..I wonder why around one of the cars it is also green

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