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Map annotation brainstorming notes

by Shannon | January 09, 2013 16:39 09 Jan 16:39 | #5494 | #5494

Here is a previous note on map annotation:

Timeline Minimum features (v01)... Open until it is locked Logbook as text form Images displayed as embed Catagories/colors

(v02)... MapKnitter comments to archive MapKnitter/logbook prompts w/ checklist (discuss during organizing session) Make MapKnitter maps presentation ready (archive) Polygons Legens/catagory filter

(v03)... Images Videos

"I want" statements from a brainstorming session at WinterCamp (phrased by Tom Levine) that included Tom Levine, Liz Barry, Scott Eustis, Dan Beavers, Shannon Dosemagen, Adam Griffith, Eric Kugler, Becki Chall, Mathew Lippincott and Jeff Warren.

High Importance

AS... I WANT... historical versions of the whole map screen SO THAT... I can compose historical maps and study changes over time

AS... Scott (GRN) I WANT... to be able to draw polygons on top of a map SO THAT... I can draw clouds around plumes, dead trees, etc.

AS... I WANT... to turn a specified map on MapKnitter into a pretty map easily SO THAT... I can easily create quick presentation maps

AS... I WANT... to be able to draw points on top of the map SO THAT... I can leave specific "ground truthed" data/information

AS... I WANT... to be able to attach any file/audio/video/link/text to any annotation (points, polygons, etc) SO THAT... I can add notes, video, data, etc to any annotation

AS... Mathew (workshop coordinator) I WANT... the image-taking process to include note-taking SO THAT... notes don't get lost

AS... a mapper I WANT... to find clear directions about the map-making process SO THAT... I know what to do and don't get tired

Medium Importance

AS... a community member I WANT... to see maps about my neighbors SO THAT... I start a conversation

AS... a person who has never mapped before I WANT... everything to happen in one webpage SO THAT... I don't have to think as much about tedious things

AS... someone with a smartphone I WANT... to make points on a map by doing something with my smartphone (photo,text, etc) taking longitude and latitude from the phone SO THAT... I can easily add stuff to the map

AS... someone without Internet access I WANT... the whole mapping process to work with minimal Internet access (proper logbook) SO THAT... I can make maps

AS... Shannon I WANT... a clear difference between the editing and viewing interface SO THAT... I don't accidentally edit anything when I don't want to

AS... a creator of maps I WANT... o be able to dump stuff all over my map SO THAT... I don't have to think in the field when I'm capturing stories

AS... a consumer of maps I WANT... curated maps (like the archive) SO THAT... they're not full of junk


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