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Public Lab community newsletter 2.10.13

by Shannon | February 10, 2013 16:41 10 Feb 16:41 | #5935 | #5935

This week in the Public Lab community newsletter, follow along with air quality monitoring classes in Brooklyn, plan for a Boston meet-up, check out new maps and as you read through, see a few snippets of version 2.0 of the Public Lab website (coming soon). Enjoy!

Air Quality Class in Brooklyn. The first air quality monitoring class at Cypress Hills in Brooklyn, NY was held on Friday. Follow along with the class each week as class plans and assignments are posted on the Public Lab website.

Boston Public Lab meet-up. If you're in the Boston area, take a quick break from shoveling and mark your calendars for the February 20th Public Lab meet-up in Somerville, MA! If you're planning on going, please leave a comment on the event note.

"Like" your favorite spectra. A new feature on now lets you "like" your favorite spectra. This is a feature that will also be coming to the Public Lab website for research notes.

Six new maps in the Public Lab archive. Check out two new maps from Towson University, and one each from Morgan City, Louisiana, Curitiba, ParanĂ¡, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina and San Diego, California.

Invitation to NYC urban farmers and community gardeners. If you're interested in participating in co-designing inexpensive garden data collection tools, please read the call for participants here.

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As always, if anything was missed please email the list, post a research note or send a message to for inclusion in the newsletter next weekend. Have a great week, Shannon


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