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Nuestros Suelos: a low-cost toolkit for the participative assessment of soil degradation

by sureta | January 09, 2020 02:02 09 Jan 02:02 | #22241 | #22241

Nuestros Suelos (Our Soils) is a Chilean research initiative aiming at designing, testing and disseminating a toolkit for participative soil degradation assessment based on a citizen science sensibility and low-cost technologies. The kit includes three main components. First, a set of participatory methodologies for the systematization of local knowledge and care practices regarding soils. Second, a series of low-cost technologies for the qualitative assessment of some key indicators of soil degradation, in particular fertility (organic matter, carbonates, N-P-K, and pH) and the presence of heavy metals (Copper and Arsenic). Finally, a board game that seeks to help members of the participating communities to integrate and use the knowledge acquired to deal with specific challenges related to soil degradation.


@sureta. Is the Nuestros Suelos kit on sale ? or via Public Lab ?. Thx.

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Hi, Thanks for your interest. The kit is still on its prototype phase, so sadly it is not for sale. But we're very happy to discuss ways on which we could collaborate on its further development with people with interests in soils.

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This is really cool! Do you have more information about activities or links to see it in action? If you'd like to connect with Public Lab's Kits Initiative to explore ways to collaborate on community development/distribution, you can find us at, or join us on our weekly Open Calls : . Really looking forward to learning more about this!

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Hi, Thanks for your interest in Nuestros Suelos! We're in the process of producing materials about the kits' components. As soon as they're ready we are going to uploaded to our (still under construction) website: . We are aso just starting a new phase of the project with people at RPI in Troy, NY. And Yes, we would love to connect with the kits initiative of Public Lab!

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hola @sureta estamos en Mendoza trabajando con gente de comunidad campesina tratando de desarrollar un kit parecido... por ahora estamos trabajando con un colorimetro open source y un test de Nitratos y una camara de respiración de suelos basada en la de Hackteria Estamos colaborando también con gente de la PUC para hacer algunos test de microbiología Estaría buenisimo poder colaborar con uds

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Hola Nano. Excelente. Nosotros felices de explorar formas de colaboración. Está muy bueno lo que han hecho hasta el momento, creo que hay varias formas de explorar sinergías. Imagino que en la PUC colaboran con Fernan Federici, hace un tiempo estuvimos conversando al respecto. Hablemos uno de estos días!

Hola Si, estamos trabajando desde hace ya un tiempo con Fernan. Estaría buenísimo si pudiéramos charlar. Me podes escribir a mi correo asi coordinamos ferhcastro at gmail Saludos

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