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New spectrometer liner design with integrated camera mount

by warren | April 15, 2013 13:31 15 Apr 13:31 | #6839 | #6839

I've been wondering if we can make the spectrometer camera mount better and more straightforward by building it all into the fold able paper insert, which would also fix the geometry of the interior of the device. Here's a rough attempt:



Update: Mathew makes a good point.

What about just indicating very specifically where the angled block goes? Like this:



This is a great idea! The camera mounting surface looks sturdy with the double fold underneath.

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Its a good idea but I'm hesitant to do a paper mount-- temp and humidity could shift it significantly.

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Updated... good call. Also think of the USB cable tugging... let's just get the instructions to be really clear.

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If you do switch over to an updated cut-out design I would suggest using a different paper than the current paper being used. When we built the countertop spectrometers the paper was white not black in the inferred range causing problems to occur with capturing data.

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Definitely true; and we've spend a lot of time sourcing better paper for the next revision. don't worry!

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