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Survey for newcomers on interface design of new editor

by warren | May 19, 2016 17:00 19 May 17:00 | #13129 | #13129

One thing we're working on for the new #rich-editor design process is seeking input and feedback from people who aren't (yet, at least) familiar with, or at least who haven't posted content.

This is important because although we get excellent feedback from regular contributors, one of our main goals with the new design is to make it useful, intuitive, and welcoming to newcomers -- to broaden our contributor base. But it's hard to ask people who aren't already here! We must go out and find them.

So please, if you haven't posted to before, or if you've only done so once or twice, fill out this survey and help us refine our (rough) prototype. You could also ask a friend or family member who is not familiar with Public Lab to try filling it out -- that'd be extra helpful!

The survey

The survey asks you to try writing a short sample post with the existing editor at the following two editors. Please do not actually publish unless you are sharing actual work; just try out the editors to see how they work:


As thanks, we're offering 10 sweet Public Lab decals (shown above on my sketchbook) along with a free 1 year supporting membership and a subscription to the Community Science Forum for folks who fill out our survey.

Note that if you'd like a decal & membership, you have to enter your username or email, so we can find you!

Thanks for helping make Public Lab a welcoming place!


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