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Public Lab community newsletter 12.10.13

by warren | December 10, 2013 15:07 10 Dec 15:07 | #9862 | #9862

(Above, DJUltis' MQI environmental recorder, posted last week. Read below to learn more!)

Apologies for the late newsletter, but it's a busy time of year! The next newsletter will also be the last one before the New Year.


Amazon is now listing Balloon Mapping Kits via Edmund Scientifics; this is in addition to the Foldable Mini-spectrometer which we have listed ourselves. Please write a review if you are feeling up to it!


This weekend, New Yorkers hosted a Newtown Creek mapping in Brooklyn -- read the event listing here:

Upcoming: planning is in progress for some January flare spectrometry meetups in the New Orleans area -- be in touch on the Gulf Coast mailing list if you're interested, and keep your ears open for more announcements!

New and ongoing projects

Chris Fastie has been posting a great series on multispectral or Infragram photography, ranging from photos of root vegetables to some of ferns, mosses, and lichens.

Hot topics on the mailing lists

Controlling automated water quality samplers wit an Arduino

Working simultaneously as a group in a project

The Gowanus Canal Conservancy is looking for new team members to work on STEM education

Research Note highlights

DJUltis posted an introduction to his MQI environmental recorder, in a great lasercut case -- including a built-in thermal flashlight!

Nicholas Johnson posted a thorough guide on configuring CHDK for scripting your camera to take photos while balloon mapping.

Nathanathan has been exploring using glow in the dark paint to calibrate camera color sensors.

If anything was missed, please make sure to post a research note or send a message to the list. Have a great week everyone!

-- Jeff

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