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tms-filter utility mirrored at

by warren | April 17, 2011 19:14 17 Apr 19:14 | #176 | #176

I put up a new mirror of the TMS-filter utility I created with folks at JumpStart/OpenMapsCaucasus:

Theirs is still up at:

My original message describing the service:

Hello all - At OpenMapsCaucasus/JumpStart and in other places I've had trouble reconciling the standard OSGeo implementation (origin at bottom-left) of TMS which generates, and the OSM convention (origin at top-left). There may be a simpler way to do this, but for on-the-fly translation between the two implementations, we've created this tool: You enter one or the other, and it generates links for both formats. It asks you to register (name, description etc. all optional) and generates a relatively short URL for each. Please feel free to use it, fork the source: or tell us how to improve it. This has, for example, allowed JOSM viewing of derived tiles with minimal fuss. Jeff


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