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Illustrated guide to spectrometer construction

by warren | August 06, 2012 22:22 06 Aug 22:22 | #3154 | #3154

Because of the popularity of our illustrated guide to balloon mapping, which also ships in our retail kits, I spent some time making the attached 2-page PDF showing how to construct a spectrometer. It doesn't cover how to use it, and focuses on specifically how the current spectrometer kit is made (i.e. a particular webcam), but aside from being useful to ship in the kits, I imagine we can continue to expand and revise it as we did the original balloon mapping guide.

Here is the PDF (1.4 MB): PLOTS DIY Spectrometer Guide v1.0.pdf

(If you'd like to edit, modify, or translate it into other languages, here is a link to the Google Doc where I made it -- for translations, please clone it and post your translation as a comment on this post!)

Files Size Uploaded
PLOTS DIY Spectrometer Guide v1.0.pdf 1.42 MB 2012-08-06 22:18:44 +0000


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