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I am second-year student in Software Engineering Student at Delhi Technological University. I am a full stack ruby on rails developer. I love to do competitive coding in my free time too.

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"hi @gauravano I really like the demo video posted " | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Answers to the questions you have posted If a user logs in via facebook and then sign ups via twitter then he will be logged in. the user will have..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"The seminar would be conducted in the month of August. Our University has a footfall 7000+ students. Out of them, many are curious to get involved ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"I have seen that in the month of September to November the number of contributors on Public labs is less. So, if the seminar will be conducted (if ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@sagarpreet I have read your profile.... You and I am are in the same college Delhi Technological University. It's great to see that. If interested..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Hi @warren What all we need in addition to Oauth? I think we can add up the facebook integrations so that people can put stuff in and add through t..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@amitain6h i think it would be better to divide the tasks in the timelines according to weeks. So that the mentors can easily merge prs. " | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Thanks @warren for the tips " | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Actually, there is some problem with the rich editor. Whenever one tries to edit his/her post then the images are gone away and the lead image beco..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@warren i think, we should have the option of sharing the posts on the facebook and its revert at the end month of the summer, once the login is co..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@sagarpreet Interesting. I would like to work with you for the socialisation part. I am proposing an idea for OAuth based login. I want to deal wit..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@warren Are these js and ideas listed in the comment section of this question also included for the gsoc ideas for this summer? They are not listed..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@jwarren ,Thanks for the feedback. I would like to submit my proposal again .Please guide me on which domain I need to focus. As you mentioned in t..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
"Thanks,@jwarren for the comment for general instructions " | Read more » over 2 years ago


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