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hank "I suggest you try instead of Amazon -- why pay double or more money for stuff when you can buy it direct from China? They are an um..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
hank "Thank you. It's worth reminding people not to be fooled by the low perceived brightness at the 405nm end of the spectrum -- the lighted spot looks..." | Read more » over 7 years ago
hank ""Kids, don't try this at home" (without eye protection ...) " | Read more » about 8 years ago
hank "Bravo! usb cable There are the little plastic crimp-on things made to protect electrical wire going through holes in metal boxes. Those come in b..." | Read more » almost 9 years ago
hank "Pentax No models or measurements; this may help, if the description of the thread type is what you need: T-Rings for Questar Telescopes Only - Ast..." | Read more » almost 10 years ago
hank "Pentax K-mount please? The base connector could be the simple K-mount-to-Pentax-thread rings that are available and cheap, for example. " | Read more » almost 10 years ago
hank "His pictures are at: " | Read more » almost 10 years ago
hank "You put the camera as far away from the slit as possible, instead of in the middle of the box -- is that an improvement? " | Read more » almost 10 years ago