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liz " @liz has marked @warren as a co-author. " | Read more » over 4 years ago
liz "There are now 9 teams! " | Read more » over 5 years ago
liz "Epic amount of work everyone! Looking forward to the OpenHour coming up next week on Tuesday, September 6, at 1pm East Coast US time. Join us by vi..." | Read more » about 7 years ago
liz "@warren, thanks for your ping on "top answerers" -- can we think about if it might be possible to relate this with other ideas of groups of people ..." | Read more » about 7 years ago
liz "Great work Ananyo! Is there such a thing as up-voting in the Q&A system you created? I feel unsure that upvoting would be a good direction to g..." | Read more » about 7 years ago
liz "Muki's recent post on the European Citizen Science Association workshop explores web tools for collaborative science writing, references Public Lab..." | Read more » over 7 years ago
liz "Great note and comment thread! Thank you @Ananyo2012 for putting this together and also for very detailed email communications. It's really great w..." | Read more » over 7 years ago