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Sebastian first heard about Public Lab in 2010 when they helped a group of indigenous people from the Shippibo tribe to map their settlement in downtown Lima city. Impressed at the time, he was himself leading volunteering efforts around improving free educational software on OLPC laptops in rural Peru. He is the founder of the SomosAzucar R&D team, whose mission is to bring libre technology to public classrooms in Latin America.

While remaining active in his personal mission to bring libre technology to children in the rural Amazon, he is in part supported by working as the Systems Gardener for Public Lab, being responsible for our website's reliability and performance.

test entry

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Introducing Pi Builder

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Replicated with Cannon A2300

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"Thanks @xose for your input! I've little to no experience with this sort of hacking and am still quite confused with a closing window to order the ..." | Read more » 6 months ago
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"Hi @jywarren ! The documentation you are looking for is at here. The actual build script is at https://github.com/publiclab/image-builder-rpi/ I..." | Read more » 9 months ago
"hey @icarito testing mail! " | Read more » 10 months ago
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"Mailman was down, I started it! I wonder if it crashed. In any case the local SMTP was not relaying email for the docker IP address - testing it now! " | Read more » 11 months ago
"Mailman was down, I started it! I wonder if it crashed, will try to find it in the logs. " | Read more » 11 months ago
"Hi @silvi_ap51 - I replied on your previous comment. Last night after this question, I went thru upgrading the database on SpectralWorkbench. The d..." | Read more » 12 months ago
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"I appreciate to have followed your progress thru this season and look forward to continue collaborating more and more! Regards, Sebastian " | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Also it would be very cool if we could share a Jupyter notebook of this ;-) " | Read more » almost 2 years ago
"Hi Benjamin! Excited to see progress. What are you building? Also, curious as to why you think both versions of Python are necessary? I find Python..." | Read more » almost 2 years ago
"Thanks! Our tests suggest it should work acceptably with a good device. Accuracy is not required, they are hard to miss, but time spent taking note..." | Read more » almost 2 years ago
"Hi @liz and team, I confirm. May I suggest to look for a libre conferencing solution. Regards, Sebastian " | Read more » almost 2 years ago
"Hello! Here's a quick note to students and fellow mentors to introduce myself. I am the PublicLab.Org systems administrator, whose responsibility i..." | Read more » about 2 years ago


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