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Natalie Mayorga serves as Public Lab's Civic Kits Manager, overseeing kits operations and sales. For the past several years she has cycled between education, outreach, fund-raising efforts and marketing, sales, and customer service. She comes directly to Public Lab from Portland's own Gay & Lesbian Community Yellow Pages where she served as Marketing Director. Her background in community organizing and working with numerous Portland based advocacy groups, such as Basic Rights Oregon, and Q Center, has led to her developing a passion for working with non-profits that seek to build relationships, create accessibility and empower under served communities. Joining the Public Lab team creates a unique position and opportunity to pool her skills into one very large creative endeavor and bring various runs of kits to researchers and citizen scientists everywhere.

She is currently rounding out her AAOT and continuing education through Portland State University in the Fall. The focus of her studies is public administration and urban planning with an emphasis in non-profit management. In her free time she enjoys playing softball, reading fantasy, and strumming an old guitar.

DIY Pole Mapping Camera Mount

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DIY Camera Mount for Pole Mapping

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Holiday Promotion at the Public Lab Store

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Infragram Point & Shoot cameras now in production

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