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Guerilla biochemist. Builder of open-source hardware (visions of automated scientific instruments running on Android).

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"I recently got some really good feedback , and it was pointed out that my units on fig 4 were out of whack (like, where was 1E-2?), so I went back ..." | Read more » about 5 years ago
"Yikes! Sometimes I operate at a special level of oblivious. I edited the research note and put in the link as well as here..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"Paquicamus - I actually had the two spectra you are interested in loaded on (sorry for the delayed response. ..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"Hi Paquicamus - I just went through my notes and realized I actually hadn't taken a spectra for 70% IPA or Methanol and posted it to spectralworkbe..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"Pics are now in. I added a section between Procedure & Results (Setup) that shows how I integrate the two instruments as well as my setup for ..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"I've got some pics, I will put them together and get them added to this shortly. " | Read more » over 5 years ago
"Hi, Thanks. Answers as follows: 1. Yes - kit does come with a color card. Its got 3 states. Control (orange), Pink (bad), Pink/Orange (so-so) 2..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"I added an additional graph to show the expected active cholinesterase concentration for safe and unsafe zones based on our measurements as well as..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"Thanks! I added a wiki page to document some additional experiments I want to run and for others to use. Main purpose is for method refinement, e..." | Read more » over 5 years ago


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