• Question: How do I...use this with rtlsdr?

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    Ag8n asked on March 01, 2018 17:00
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    These cheap computer devices could easily be made to receive your data.


    Sorry, I got interupted. The rtlsdr work with computer, are low cost ($5-$25) and with suitable freeware and low cost software, can decode many devices. For example, the program rtl_433 is used with many weather stations to decide the weather data and send it to the internet. By the way, the right rtlsdr covers 24 mh z to 1700 mhz. Although it doesn't have the best sensitivity, such a device is unusual.

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    Hi @Ag8n can you clarify what rtlsdr is?

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    It's rtl2832u. It's a European dab tv tuner that had a troubleshooting mode built in it that could be modified for a bunch of other things. The current best tuner is the r820t2. Try rtl-sdr.com for more info and a blog.

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    Another good place to check is the Reddit rtlsdr . It's also got a lot of info.

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