Question: Need insight on using this lens on modded camera for NDVI: OCN (Orange+Cyan+NIR) filter

alanw asked on August 23, 2018 20:55
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Bought rebuild Inspire 1 quad copter and bought modded camera for NDVI. The information that came with it says :

new OCN (Orange+Cyan+NIR) filter.

The first thing to notice is that all 3 of the bands are different,
even the near-infrared (NIR). Instead of red light it captures orange,
instead of green it captures cyan (blue-green) and instead of 850nm
NIR, it captures 808nm NIR. The bandwidths are also slightly wider to
provide more contrast.

QUESTION: In FIJI, which bands do I use for NDVI calculation? Is the 808NIR band the BLUE band in RGB?



Hi, can you share an image that you've taken with this camera? Where did you get the camera? Cool!

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@warren - its probably a MAPIR Survey 3 camera:

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