Question: Standalone Spectrometry software & uploading JPG or PNG spectra

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lach_myers asked on August 06, 2018 13:33
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I'd welcome any suggestions for analysing captured spectra off-line/standalone?

I'm building a reasonably robust standalone version of the RPi/Lego spectrometer (see ) for use at my school - years 7-12 mostly. The spectral Workbench software works well, with the big advantage of allowing uploads of spectra from my Lego/RpiCam system.

I am not sure if it can be used offline, however. To my knowledge, there are two that can - Theramino Spectrometer and SpecWin. Both require webcam capture and don't allow uploads of images, I believe, so I have a bit of an impasse at present.

Once the budget allows, I will eventually set up a HDMI screen & USB keyboard so I can use the cedarlodge system




Hi, I think you could use the JavaScript version, SpectralWorkbench.js, to get an offline CSV of data -

Then you could graph that... it's not as powerful as the online suite but it has image => data conversion. I do wonder if it's possible for a JavaScript person to build an Electron app around it, but we haven't had resources to pursue that.

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