Question: Looking for input on a simplified "subscribe" design for posts

warren asked on July 24, 2018 17:06
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We're in the midst of a broader design overhaul for this very website -- (read more at #ui) -- but we're also looking to get more people subscribing to follow topics (tags) on the site.

As we're moving tags to the upper right, in this issue, we'll have a chance to redesign what happens at the end of a post (see this example post). Right now it's a little busy, but once tags are gone, maybe we could consolidate the social media stuff (which is looking a bit dated) and a line prompting people to `Subscribe` to stay up to date? Then go right into comments.

Currently it looks like:

image description

But what about something like this?

image description


Reporting in input from @liz -- When subscribing, people may often want to get only one email per day or per week, rather than the "firehose" of everything as it comes. So let's come up with a way to easily switch digests on at the moment of subscribing. Two ideas:

  1. when you are redirected to htttps://, show a notice saying you'll get approximately X emails per week. Click here to get only one per day, per week, or per month.
  2. have a checkbox when you click Subscribe [ ] so people can say "weekly digest" (or some other period -- see screenshot below)


Other ideas welcome!

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A little ugly, but just trying this out!

screen shot 2018-08-08 at 10 50 55 am

Also tracking this over here:

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This is a great idea to catch people at the bottom of a post they appreciated. I anticipate that this is a great pathway for the Blog, for instance. Subscribing to the Public Lab blog is a nice "slower lane" of involvement.

For other types of content i am less excited to see subscription separated from the tagging area. I will mull on ideas to address this!

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Just to your last comment, this is in addition to, not instead of, the Follow that's assoc. with tagging!

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