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Bayou St. John at Lake Pontchartrain

Year|Month|Day|mapknitter link|notes -------------------------|---------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|------------------------- 2013|04|??||ready 2013|10|25||stitched, attempting export 2013|11|??|set of images only:|needs to be stitched 2014|04|26||ready 2014|01|15|,|mapknitter project more current than archive 2014|03|15||ready 2014|04|09||ready 2014|06|22||ready 2014|10|11||ready 2014|11|11||not for time series 2015|02|??||ready, nIR 2015|05|30||ready 2016|06|06||photos only 2017|07|01||photos only sources: * * * * [Cartography Collective spreadsheet]( [![output_rerMcc.gif](]( ...

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