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**Our collaboration with [Make Magazine]( hit newsstands in October 2019! Get your copy [here](** Throughout the month of October, we walked through the assembly and use of some Public Lab kits in a series of live build sessions. Check them out below. **October 3, 6 pm ET ([other time zones](,528))** **Build a Community Microscope** Using a webcam and a few pieces of hardware, make [a DIY microscope]( that will allow you to get a closer look at your environment! **October 5, 3 pm ET ([other time zones](,474))** **BabyLegs Trawl** Learn how to make [a DIY trawl]( so that you can collect samples from your local waterways! Look for microplastics, algae, organisms and more! **October 9, 6 pm ET ([other time zones](,528))** **It's two-for-one!** We'll be demonstrating the [Coqui]( (a DIY conductivity sensor), and a DIY [particulate sensor]( for studying air quality. **October 28, 6pm ET** We'll be available to discuss all of our kits, take questions about open source hardware, ways to get involved with environmental monitoring where you live, and ways that being part of the Public Lab community can help connect you with resources and support. ##Share your projects with us on social media## **[@PublicLab]( and [@Make]( ** ##Learn more about Public Lab kits## **The Papercraft Spectrometer ** The Community Microscope The Coqui conductivity sensor The LEGO Spectrometer The Infragram Pi camera The Simple Air Sensor ##Shop all of our community science kits at## **[](** ...

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