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###Overview### Public Lab values healthy feedback loops, collaboration systems, and the active facilitation it takes to work on challenging environmental justice issues together. The Public Lab community is filled with many types of leaders sharing their learned and lived expertise in this space. Community organizers working on the ground--those who help collate information, coordinate events, facilitate discussions, contribute to tool development, and exercise their platforms to elevate the stories of those most affected by environmental injustice--these are the organizers and leaders of Public Lab. Interested in supporting the organizing of Public Lab? Add a link to your profile below and follow the tag "organizers" to help support the community. Subscribe to the Organizers tag here --------- ###History: Between 2012 and 2016 Public Lab was actively supported by a group of individual community members who acted as leaders and shared an interest in the way the community collaborates and grows. With the aspirations of growing the diversity of contributors who could bring new voices forward, in 2017 Public Lab shifted to hosting a weekly [open public call]( Moving away from a closed organizers group curated through an application process, to more open and less rigid structure allowed for different types of feedback and work come to the surface and support a growing community. ###Active Organizers * [Jackie James-Creedon]( (Tonawanda, NY) * [Eymund Diegel]( (Brooklyn, NY) * [Leslie Birch]( (Philadelphia, PA) * [Mary Kenosian]( (Eau Claire, WI) * [Patrick Hixenbaugh]( (Rockville, MD) * [Sara Sage]( (Los Angeles, CA) * [Klie Kliebert]( (New Orleans, LA) * [Shan He]( (Guangzhou, China) * [Laura Chipley]( (New York, NY) * [Claudia Martinez Mansell]( (LA & Bourj Al Shamali, Lebanon) * [Pat Popple]( (Chippewa Falls, WI) * [Maria del Carmen Lamadrid]( (Los Angeles, CA) * [Nick Shapiro](/profile/nshapiro) (Philadelphia, PA) * [Gretchen Gehrke](/profile/gretchengehrke) (Durham, NC) * [Ann Chen]( (Alberta, Canada) * [VJ pixel](/profile/vjpixel) (Brazil) * [Benjamin Sugar](/profile/bsugar) (Atlanta, GA) * [Stevie Lewis](/profile/stevie) (New Orleans, LA) * [Jack Summers](/profile/jsummers) (Cullowhee, NC) * [Katie Gradowski](/profile/kgradow1) (Somerville, MA) * [Catherine D'Ignazio](/profile/kanarinka) (Waltham, MA) * [Bronwen Densmore](/profile/bronwen) (Brooklyn, NY) * [Willie Shubert](/profile/willie) (Washington, DC) * [Nicholas Johnson](/profile/nicholas) (New York City) * [Dana Bauer](/profile/geography76) (Philadelphia) * [Becki Chall](/profile/becki) (Portland, OR) * [Dan Beavers](/profile/danbeavers) (Mississippi) * [Pablo Rey](/profile/pablo) (Bilbao, Spain) * Sylvia Broude (Boston) * [Hagit Keysar](/profile/hagitkeysar) (Jerusalem) * [Cindy Regalado](/profile/Cindy_ExCites) (London) * [Ricardo Abad](/profile/ricabad) (Mato Grosso Brasil) * [Juan Pablo Torrente](/profile/juan) (Asturias / León, Spain) * [Ned Horning](/profile/nedhorning) (Vermont) * [Scott Eustis](/profile/eustatic) (New Orleans) * [Chris Fastie](/profile/cfastie) (Middlebury, Vermont) * Gabriel Jaime Vanegas (Bogota, Colombia) * [Jessi Breen](/profile/jbreen) (Lexington, KY) * [Pat Coyle](/profile/patcoyle) (Livermore, CA) * [Ives Rocha](/profile/ives) (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) * [Anita Chan](/profile/anita) (Lima, Peru and Champaign-Urbana, IL) * [Jen Hudon](/profile/hudonnoodles) (Greater Boston area) * [Shannon Dosemagen](/profile/shannon) (New Orleans) * [Sara Wylie](/profile/sara) (Boston) * [Mathew Lippincott](/profile/mathew) (Portland, OR) * [Liz Barry](/profile/liz) (New York City) * [Jeff Warren](/profile/warren) (Somerville, MA) ###Inactive Members The organizers group recognizes that, at times, the responsibilities of being a Public Lab organizer fall behind other demands. Organizers can, at any point, define their status as active or inactive as their commitments and activity in the group changes. * [Stewart Long](/profile/gonzoearth) (Oakland, CA) * Will Macfarlane (Somerville, MA) * [Sean McGinnis](/profile/SeanKMcGinnis) (DC, formerly New Jersey/Philly) * [Adam Griffith](/profile/adam-griffith) (Asheville, NC) * [Matt Pendergraft](/profile/Matt_P/) (San Diego, CA) * [Karen Vale](/profile/karenv) (Plymouth, MA) * [Bryan Bonvallet](/profile/btbonval) (West Palm Beach, FL) * [Stu Williams](/profile/straylight) (Australia) * [Diana Di Leonardo]( (New Orleans, LA) * [Michelle Schmitt](/profile/manetomapping) (Philadelphia, PA) * [Don Blair](/profile/donblair) (Amherst, MA) * Mathew Xi (Oakland, CA) * [Hunter Daniels](/profile/hunter) (New Orleans) * [Victor Sinatra]( (Salinas, CA) * [Lauren Sullivan]( (Los Angeles, CA) * [Justin Manley](/profile/justinmanley) (Chicago, IL) * [Will Ward](/profile/wward1400) (Nashville, TN, formerly Boston area) * [Melissa Nunes](/profile/MelissaN) (Vancouver, Canada) * [Alex Stoicof](/profile/astoicof) (New Orleans) * [Oscar Brett](/profile/oscarbrett) (New York, New Orleans) * [Shai Efrati](/profile/shaief) (Tel Aviv) * [Michele Tobias](/profile/MicheleTobias) (Davis, CA) * [Natasia Sidarta](/profile/natasia) (New York City) * [Kalyn Rosenberg](/profile/KalynRosenberg) (Mexico City) * Eric Kugler (New Orleans) * [Philip Silva](/profile/p_silva_82) (Ithaca, New York City) * [Gena Wirth](/profile/gwirth) (New York City) * [Lela Prashad](/profile/lprashad) (New York City) ###Past Nominations To view old nominations in full, see ###Origins Formative research note on this topic

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