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_Lead image from [2016 field work by @shalter & Lion ( @shizi ), ZhangZhang, King and @liz]( ### People Organizer @shanlter has been doing amazing work with many organizations including GreenovationHub, DFRobot, GreenHunan, and more. Other China-based Public Lab folks include @shizi and @vickykq ### Environmental projects [notes:china] [wikis:china] **Also see**...

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gretchengehrke "That's so great, Shan! " | Read more » over 5 years ago
shanlter ""Did the Chinese government state the methods they would use to evaluate each of these parameters?" yes, they state the standard methods. "Also, di..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
shanlter "Hi @gretchengehrke, sorry for responding late, I was in a temple with no internet access in the passing week. Yes, I've seen that page and I though..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
gretchengehrke "@shanlter, this is great! Have you seen the spreadsheet on the page? There are some other options there listed..." | Read more » over 5 years ago