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Spectral Workbench

###What is Spectral Workbench? []( is a web based application to collect, archive, share, and analyze spectral data, for Public Lab [DIY spectrometers](/wiki/spectrometer) and other spectrometers. With it, you can: * connect your USB [Desktop Spectrometry Kit](/wiki/desktop-spectrometry-kit-3-0) * scan and save samples * wavelength calibrate your spectrometer * plot light intensity as a function of wavelength (average digital consumer cameras have a range of 400 to 700 nm) * create sets of multiple spectra to visually compare and analyze scans * download CSV data for offline analysis * view others' data and discuss * find similar data in [a database of over 60k spectra]( No download is required -- just a web connection. The Chrome browser works best, but most standard-compliant browsers are supported. It is possible to use from an Android smartphone, preferably with the Firefox browser which allows you to specify which camera to look through. **** ###Contents * [Learn to use the software](/wiki/spectral-workbench-usage) * Learn about the [available tools](/wiki/spectral-workbench-tools) * Learn about [Calibration](/wiki/spectral-workbench-calibration) * Learn about the [Snapshots system](/wiki/spectral-workbench-snapshots) * Learn about the [Operations system](/wiki/spectral-workbench-operations) * [Spectrometry in general](/wiki/spectrometer) * [Applications & uses](/wiki/spectral-analysis) * [Construction](/wiki/spectrometer-construction) * [Desktop Spectrometry Kit](/wiki/desktop-spectrometry-kit-3-0) * [Foldable Mini-Spectrometer](/wiki/foldable-spec) * [Troubleshooting](/wiki/spectral-workbench-help) * [API Docs](/wiki/spectral-workbench-api) **** ###Intro video ## Browsers Spectral Workbench should work on Chrome (in Windows/Mac/Linux/Android, but not iOS), Firefox (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android), or Opera (Android). It may work on other browsers and we are working on expanding coverage; read more on this page: **** ## Development Do you code? The codebase of Spectral Workbench is available at The server is written in Ruby on Rails, with a lot of client side code in JavaScript. You can read about [the JavaScript API here](/wiki/spectral-workbench-api). We really need more developers, so if you are interested, please get involved! A great place to start is the "plots-dev" mailing list for software developers: **** ## FAQ We're collecting and working our way through a range of questions about Spectral Workbench -- if you can contribute your own questions, or answer others', please do! [questions:spectral-workbench] **** ## Troubleshooting If you feel you've encountered a bug with the software -- very possible! Please look through existing issues listed here, file a new one if you don't see something similar, and help to add any observations to existing issues shown here. Thanks for helping improve this open source software! [questions:spectral-workbench-issues] ...

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