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ecta64 "That is fantastic!! I have been trying to find a reputable structure from motion capable freeware program like the ones in these links for the past..." | about 8 years ago
nedhorning "You could try using VisualSFM( I played around with that a couple years ago and remember seeing video of someone who created ..." | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "Interesting but yes the pixel value is still a problem. Hopefully someone will come up with a freeware tool for video mosaic mapping. It would real..." | about 8 years ago
nedhorning "For what it's worth the software to make mosaics out of oblique images will correct the image geometry but it is unlikely going to correct the pixe..." | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "Yes I'm imaging from a pole and that's the primary reason for the oblique angle. I have tried Nadir imagery but since my pole is only 4 meters its ..." | about 8 years ago
nedhorning "I wouldn't say the time of day doesn't matter but it is more important to be consistent. You are imaging at an oblique angle (from a pole?) so you ..." | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "So it really doesn't matter the specific time of day or sun angle as long as I stay consistent? Honestly I'm just photographing to learn proper wor..." | about 8 years ago
nedhorning "Hi - Different sensor, target, illumination geometries will tend to give different NDVI values of the same vegetation. The difference in impact bet..." | about 8 years ago
nedhorning "I often use platforms that are moving so I use a fast shutter speed to reduce blur. I often shoot somewhere around 1/1000th of a second. You should..." | Read more » over 8 years ago