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## What Does It Do? **WebJack is a wired, bidirectional data link between the Arduino Uno and your phone, established via headphone jack.** It uses two distinct frequencies for a modem-like serial transmission of data. WebJacks runs in the browser and its goal is to provide a way to read sensors without the burden to install native applications. Look for recent updates on Public Lab [here]( ![webjack-circuit](/system/images/photos/000/023/509/original/IMG_20180207_135242.jpg) ## Activities This is a list of community-generated guides for specific applications and the development of WebJack. These [activities can be categorized](, and some may be more reproduced -- or reproducible -- than others. Try them out to build your skills, and help improve them by leaving comments. Together, we can repeat and refine the activities into experiments. ### Activity grid [activities:webjack] **** ## Frequently Asked Questions Ask a question about WebJack [notes:question:webjack] **** [![IMG_0138_web.JPG](//](// WebJack is an open source client-side JavaScript library that acts as audio modem. It is built for use with [SoftModem](, the Arduino-side code. For example, with WebJack you can transmit: * data as text * binary data * Firmata RPC messages *** ## Challenges We're working to refine and improve WebJack on a number of fronts; here, take a look at the leading challenges we're hoping to solve, and post your own. Be sure to add: * constraints: expense, complexity * goals: performance, use cases [questions:webjack-challenge] **** ## Build a data link with WebJack Instructions on the circuit and software needed for WebJack can be found here: ### Demo WebJack applications - [Using Firmata with WebJack as transport]( - [WebJack demo website]( ###Notes: - For more information about WebJack, post a question to the "dev" mailing list [here]( (also listed in the left sidebar) - The github repo of WebJack is [here]( ...

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