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Puerto Rico

### People * @ernestootero -- part of Oil Test Kit Beta Program. Researcher, marine science, UPRM * Steve Tamar -- Rincon Surfrider, has kite kit to loan ### Organizations * Beta-Local: []( Corner of Calle Luna and Calle San Justo, San Juan. Art space, art residencies, experimental education. Contact: Sofia Gallisá Muriente. * Casa Pueblo: []( Adjuntas. "a community self-management project committed to appreciating and protecting natural, cultural and human resources." They have a DIY lab and an ecological school, possibly can host lending library. Responsible for stopping a huge fracking project with a lot of civil disobedience. Contact: Arturo Massol, author of [book "Vieques environmental crisis"](, and son of community organizer. 787.829.4842 * Rincon Surfrider: []( Contact: Steve Tamar * RadioVieques: []( Contact: Robert Rabin who is working with [Sophia on Vieques sound mapping]( * Casa de Cultura RUTH Hernández Torres: [Facebook page]( Río Piedras. Contact: Gisela. * Laboratorio del Error Diseñado, or LED. A rough translation of that would be: The Laboratory of The Designed Error. [Facebook page]( Contact: Pablillo José. ## Updates [notes:puerto-rico] ...

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