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<div class="alert">This page is under development March 2016.</div> [![agbdunderconstruction7.gif](//](// [![betta_fish_avatar_by_theamazingchair.gif](//](// ###Activities **Activity 1:** take a picture of the Riffle [?] * this activity can be done by an individual * YYYY-MM-DD When Riffles will be mailed out * [X hours/days/weeks] How much time you will need to test the Riffle * YYYY-MM-DD When participants need to send pictures back by **Activity 2: ** automate way to trigger camera to snap picture of submerged secci disk. [Don](/people/donblair) will lead development and also act as maintainer in the [Public Lab's open hardware process](/wiki/contributing-to-public-lab-hardware). * this activity can be done by individuals or groups, but requires coordination with other developers according to the development timeline * YYYY-MM-DD public discussion on the approach * YYYY-MM-DD submit contributions by this day * YYYY-MM-DD integration of contributions * YYYY-MM-DD 1.0 release **Other Activities:** other sensor development, lots of low-hanging fruit listed here, have fun! ###Communication * We are going to kick it all off with a Live Call on [Tuesday, March 8] [1pm PT/ 4pm EST] * Email discussion will happen on [plots-waterquality list](, and ... * Research notes will be tagged with "riffle" [subscribe here]( * Certain areas with multiple participants and supporting organizations may host local events

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