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Preparation for upcoming issues of the Grassroots Mapping Forum


Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 9

Q4 2015 Water Quality & Monitoring Submissions due: 11/1/2015 Release Date Goal: 11/20/2015

Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 8

Q3 2015 Advocacy Submissions Due: 8/1/2015 Release Date Goal: 9/1/2015

Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 7

Q2 2015


image credit: Cesar Harada. 12/4/2010

Submissions Due: March 25, 2015 email molly at publiclab dot org

GMF Plannning Document Template

A five year (!!!) anniversary issue on how Grassroots Mapping has transformed over the past five years, a discussion of MapKnitter, the Carto Collective, geographic growth and spread of the GM community and we could have a photo send in/round up of rig versions to see how its been modified.

Mathew- Evolution of collaboration on hardware -how Public Lab has integrated recognition from contributions from the community into the kit design for the spectrometer and balloon mapping kit.

Shannon-5 year Retrospectus: piece on community growth, change, etc.

Maybe someone's experience starting a local chapter?

Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 6

August 2014: TRASH! Working with waste


what we're looking at so far:

Nicholas Johnson: the impact of landfills in the US & internationally, mapping landfills and how the public can better understand and participate in monitoring their local landfill.

Max Liboiron of Discard Studies

Mathew Lippincott: Detritivore Design

Bronwen Densmore: photography & spectrometry form Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn

Scott Eustis: cross referencing trash count per mile with NRDC's beachwater standards for the Gulf Coast

Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 5

GMF Template May 2014: International projects focus


Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 4

New York City research.

Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 3

The theme of Grassroots Mapping Forum #3 will be organizing, with articles that document and continue conversations started at the Cocodrie Barnraising in November.

Planning Grassroots Mapping Forum 2

Grassroots Mapping Forum 2 was printed in August 2012, download it here. Contact Mathew ( if you need original artwork or files for your project, GMF is CC-share-alike!

current Grassroots mapping forum 2 contributors are :

Raymond Cha,Mathew Lippincott,Coby Leuschke,Cameron Hunt,Amie Stepanovich-- Dialogue on UAS Ethics

Jeff Warren and Chris Fastie-- Intro to thermal cameras

Shannon Dosemagen-- interview in the gulf and profile of the mappers

Issue 2 of grassroots mapping forum will be created around a series of templates designed for contributors to collaborate on. The template is explained in the following video. More can be found in this research note on the templates, and this one on style considerations.

The templates are available here in google docs.

click here to view the pdf dummy template

Regular ‘features’

  • Cover (just an image)
  • Back cover (image + some leading text), plots explanation, contributors
  • Editorial
  • About this map
  • picture, mappers bio, field notes and photo and price of map kit used, a route (GPS track?) of the trip
  • Editorial
  • Notes
    • notes from the site + forum discussions

Suggested sections

Preparing the map, considerations:

  • where- (can someone use this map to place it in space?) does the map function without the PLOTS site?
  • georeferencing- standard data points to place this map
    • putting in the bounding box for the map, place them on map.
    • Compass (north arrow) degrees of inclination, for true and magnetic north

Issue 2 Map