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(copied from Pat Coyle's entries in the Grassroots Mapping Wiki)

The last couple of days, I picked up cotton string, fishing line clips, and some thin light-weight bungee cords.

I’ve also considered an alternate to pulling the camera up into the soda bottle after activation. Maybe cut open an access port in the bottle so can reach the camera buttons, after it is snugged-in securely, to activate the script. Use a bungee-cord based clip-in scheme to keep it snug against the soda bottle housing until after the flight. Then release it and access the camera, remove the card, etc.

However, Jeff has flown any number of these rigs and has a much better sense of what works well. Let’s harvest his experience and show the range of options.

Today, I have three different cut-off bottles with different geometries here on the desk as I type this. So far the plain 2-liter soda bottle is the most accommodating when compared to a V-bottle with more rib structure or a cranberry juice bottle with a rectangular cross-section.

However, these are all minor implementation details. As they used to say on the ranches I grew up on, “It’s a small matter on a big outfit.”