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(copied from Pat Coyle's entries in the Grassroots Mapping Wiki)

On March 5th, we did two plus balloon test flights in the front yard.

There were several observations.

  • On the first test, the script/camera stopped after 12 images and the first few were at the ground as launched, so not good. I don't know if there is something about the Canon Elph SD400 that is the problem or if it is the script. Recall it shot about 40 on my walk-around test, then stopped.

A second launch gave much better results:

  • We got 117 images before the script/camera stopped. The test included a pull down to add a second balloon with script interrupt and resume.

  • The bungee cord and wrist strap attachment made it pretty easy to lower the camera from the soda-bottle to interrupt the script and later snug it back up for launch. I made a little more room in the strapping tape cradle so was able to access the camera controls better.

  • It was pretty windy so there was fair amount of swinging but not so much spinning.

  • After as we were stowing the rig minus the camera the first balloon brushed against something and popped.

  • The full unedited photo set is at:

first test and second test

  • I also have some video that I have not yet trimmed to post.