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Anyone working on environmental lead exposure / poisoning? @read_holman 8 months ago
Looking for ideas on filtering metals, arsenic, and/or bacteria from water? @stevie about 1 year ago

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Crowdsourcing lead testing in NYC parks and playgrounds @smmontgom 7 months ago
Help us test public water fountains in NYC for lead!? @read_holman 8 months ago
Designing a soil sampling tool kit for community science /environmental justice applications @jjcreedon 11 months ago
Testing Water For Specific Polluting Compounds @rajanzaveri about 2 years ago
Mapping Lead-Free Water @smmontgom over 2 years ago
Pencil lead works well as an electrode material in lead analysis @JSummers about 3 years ago
Update on Stockton Harbor, Maine waste site: Media Coverage and heavy metals list @ronhuber almost 5 years ago
Testing a Penobscot Bay, Maine beach and clamflat for heavy metals & other contaminants @ronhuber almost 5 years ago
$0.75 lead testing color strips @warren about 5 years ago
lead in brass snap swivels @mathew about 7 years ago

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