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This is a holding page for featured content (banners, blurbs, etc) which we'll be using around the website. Please follow the format provided in the template below:


  • Good images have good contrast, but are not too busy that text won't read well. If you're not sure, upload a few.
  • Images should be at least 750px wide
  • Text needs to be REALLY SHORT to fit. Think: title of 3 words, next line <8 words
  • Either overall light or overall dark images work best, as we'll put either white or black text over them.


Use this template to provide content for new features:


Amsterdam Workshop

Find out what happened »

Link to:

Date to upload:

Team: Outreach


Build a Spectrometer!

Link to:

Date to upload: 3/27/15

Team: Outreach


Pole Mapping Event!

Link to:

Date to upload: 4/2/15

Team: Outreach





Gulf Coast Spring Fling

March 14th in New Orleans

Link to:

Date to upload: 2/23/15

Team: Outreach

Upload images and provide title, text and link URLs here: