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Democratizing data and science

--Public Lab works to level the “data playing field,” making it possible for citizens to issue rigorously collected, high-quality, local environmental datasets for use alongside government data for verification and advocacy. We do this by building curriculum, hardware, and software; providing space for research and development; and bringing tools to maturity, making them shelf and retail ready.

The two key objectives of this program are: 1) scaling development and production of Civic Information Starter Kits, and developing novel kits, to enable over 10,000 participants to produce their own civic data in the next 2 years; and 2) building a space to create “big data” through “small data” from grassroots sources through the development of a data publishing platform, formatting citizen-collected data to be comparable to government data, and making data actionable by communities to agitate for change, online and offline.


Back to school sale runs August 25th-September 30th, 2014!

Get ready to head back to school with Public Lab kits! Now through September 30th, all kits can be purchased for 20% off. Enter discount code BACK2SCHOOL at checkout.

DIY kits are great for science fairs. Demonstrate how spectral "fingerprints" are used to identify materials, or how to monitor plant health using near infrared photos.

Instructors, join the growing community, and try out some lesson plan ideas. Papercraft Spectrometers make great Do-It-Together science crafts. Get enough for the whole class to build for under $10 each!

Schools and Institutions contact for additional deals on shipping costs.

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Kit Initiative

The Public Lab Kits Initiative is a part of the Public Lab Nonprofit which manufactures and distributes open hardware kits to support the Public Lab community. The Kits Initiative is based in Portland, Oregon, and includes staff members Mathew Lippincott @mathew, Natalie Mayorga @natalie, Noah Hochman, and (remotely) Jeff Warren.

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