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Replacement Parts for the MakerBot Replicator 1 Dual

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Replicator 1 Dual Parts and Upgrades

This is a list of suppliers (with links and/or part numbers) for drop in replacements or upgrades for the MakerBot Replicator 1 Dual 3D printer. Most of the parts listed currently are probably not correct, but are the closest I could find.
I am initialing my approval [ --CLF] if I think the part is appropriate for the Rep 1. Feel free to do the same.
Please add a note if an entry is obviously not appropriate for the Rep 1 Dual.
If MakerBot is the only source for a part, please note that.
If some parts require a modification to work with the Rep 1 Dual, please describe the modification.

Extruder upgrade (filament drive block to replace the OEM Delrin plunger system)

  1. From Devilsinthedetails [good for the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $100.00 + shipping
  2. From MakerBot (this is just the hardware if you 3D print the block parts. Is this Rep 2 version good for the Rep 1?)
    $15.00 + shipping
  3. Models on Thingiverse for printing the block (This one from MakerBot)

Extruder fan [these are good for the Rep 1 --CLF]

  1. From MakerBot
    6.50 + shipping
  2. From RobotShop
    $6.99 + shipping

Thermocouple (Are these all for the Replicator 2/2x?)

  1. From Wanhao
    1 m long, lug on one end for mother board
    $14.00 incl shipping
  2. From Fargo 3D Printing
    MakerBot OEM replacement for Replicator 2
    $45.00+ $2.00 shipping
  3. From Performance 3D for Replicator 2/2x
    $44 (solid wire), $66 (stranded wire), $2 to $5 shipping

Heater element (These all seem to be for the Rep 2/2x)
Specs for Replicator 1 dual: 24V 40-45W cartridge, ¼ inch diameter exactly

  1. From Wanhao
    $14.00 includes shipping
  2. From Carl Raffle
    24V heater cartridge 40W
    $20.00+Shipping $12.00
  3. From Wanhao USA
    Heating core for Wanhao Duplicator 4x and 4S
    $14.00 Includes shipping

Ceramic insulation tape

  1. From Fargo 3D
    $3.95 cut to fit Replicator 2, $20.00 for 6

Extruder spring for upgraded filament drive

  1. From McMaster Carr part: 94125K612 [this works one the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $10.36 pkg of 6 + shipping

Extruder nozzles (generally we want 0.4mm MK8 nozzles)

  1. From Performance 3D [good of the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $13.49 + shipping

Replacement hot end

  1. From RobotShop (these are for Rep 2, I don’t know if they work on Rep 1)
    $130.99 + shipping

X-end stop cable

  1. From Uncle Chuck’s
    On this page :
    • Cable - Stop Switch To Motherboard
    • Item # CCSS - 01

X-axis cable

  1. From Uncle Chuck’s
    On this page:
    • Cable - Motherboard to Stepper Motor
    • Item # CCSM - 01
  2. Alternate solution for x end stop cable and x-axis cable

X-axis idler pulley (for GT2 belt, inner bore is 4 mm, OEM pulley has 15 teeth but that might not matter)

  1. seems to be down
  2. Amazon has several but the inner bore is 5 or 8 mm, not 4 mm

Stepper motor driver

  1. From Uncle Chuck’s
    On this page:
    • Standard Stepper Motor Driver
    • Item # CSMB - 01

Voltage regulator (DC/DC converter)

  1. From Dig-Key (the pinout is not the same as the OEM regulator)
    $4.30 + shipping
  2. From MPJA (this is very large and must be mounted away from the PCB) [this works on the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $4.95 + shipping

Z-arm stiffeners

  1. From Home Zillions [these work on the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $42.00 + $10.00 shipping
  2. From Performance 3D
    $54.99 + shipping
  3. From BC (these are replacement arms, not stiffeners)
    $150.00 + shipping