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Replacement Parts for the MakerBot Replicator 1 Dual

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Replicator 1 Dual Parts and Upgrades

This is a list of suppliers (with links and/or part numbers) for drop in replacements or upgrades for the MakerBot Replicator 1 Dual 3D printer. Most of the parts listed currently are probably not correct, but are the closest I could find.
I am initialing my approval [ --CLF] if I think the part is appropriate for the Rep 1. Feel free to do the same.
Please add a note if an entry is obviously not appropriate for the Rep 1 Dual.
If MakerBot is the only source for a part, please note that.
If some parts require a modification to work with the Rep 1 Dual, please describe the modification.

Extruder upgrade (filament drive block to replace the OEM Delrin plunger system)

  1. From Devilsinthedetails [good for the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $100.00 + shipping
  2. From MakerBot (this is just the hardware if you 3D print the block parts. Is this Rep 2 version good for the Rep 1?)
    $15.00 + shipping
  3. Models on Thingiverse for printing the block (This one from MakerBot works on the Rep 1 -- CLF)

Extruder fan [these are good for the Rep 1 --CLF]

  1. From MakerBot
    6.50 + shipping
  2. From RobotShop
    $6.99 + shipping

Thermocouple (Are these all for the Replicator 2/2x?)

From Scott L: "The only thing to know on the thermocouples is if you buy any of the ring lug ones off eBay they generally don't insulate the lug from the thermocouple, they just crimp the lug on, a better solution would be to buy a thermocouple without a lug, like the original to the Rep 1, and then glue on a thermocouple with high temp adhesive. I experimented and made a few with high temp RTV to glue the thermocouple into the ring terminal and then some heatshrink over it to make it look nice and protect the wire insulation. It worked but the the quickest and easiest way i have found is just buy the cheap K-Type thermocouples on eBay with the crimped on ring terminal and fold a piece of Kapton tape over the terminal then pierce a hole in the tape for the screw, install it and double check really quick with a multimeter that neither wire of the thermocouple has continuity to the heater block and keep on printing!" From Dan N: "On Rep 1s (and Thing-o-Matics), the t/c is wrapped in a layer or two of kapton tape and then loosely bolted to the outside of the heater block under the head of a M3 bolt, possibly under a washer. They were bolted loosely so as to not cause the t/c bead/joint to puncture through the Kapton tape. Overtime, the t/c's can become looser and looser causing it to read lower and lower owing to the poor thermal contact with the heater block."

  1. From Wanhao
    1 m long, lug on one end for mother board
    $14.00 incl shipping
  2. From Fargo 3D Printing
    MakerBot OEM replacement for Replicator 2
    $45.00+ $2.00 shipping
  3. From Performance 3D for Replicator 2/2x
    $44 (solid wire), $66 (stranded wire), $2 to $5 shipping
  4. From Uncle Chuck's $11.95 + shipping

Heater element (These all seem to be for the Rep 2/2x)
Specs for Replicator 1 dual: 24V 40-45W cartridge, ¼ inch diameter exactly
Stories abound of 12V heaters being sold as 24V heaters. They must be 24V for the Rep 1.

  1. From Carl Raffle
    24V heater cartridge 40W
    $20.00+Shipping $12.00
  2. From Wanhao USA
    Heating core for Wanhao Duplicator 4x and 4S (Don't know whether these are 12 or 24V)
    $14.00 Includes shipping

Ceramic insulation tape (for wrapping around the hot block)

  1. From Fargo 3D
    $3.95 cut to fit Replicator 2, $20.00 for 6

Extruder spring for upgraded filament drive

  1. From McMaster Carr part: 94125K612 [this works one the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $10.36 pkg of 6 + shipping

Extruder nozzles (generally we want 0.4mm MK8 nozzles)

  1. From Performance 3D [good of the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $13.49 + shipping

Replacement hot end

  1. From RobotShop (these are for Rep 2, I don’t know if they work on Rep 1)
    $130.99 + shipping

X-end stop cable

  1. From Uncle Chuck’s (I don't know if the connectors are correct for the Rep 1) On this page :
    • Cable - Stop Switch To Motherboard
    • Item # CCSS - 01

X-axis cable

  1. From Uncle Chuck’s (I don't know if the connectors are correct for the Rep 1) On this page:
    • Cable - Motherboard to Stepper Motor
    • Item # CCSM - 01
  2. Alternate solution for x end stop cable and x-axis cable

X-axis idler pulley (for GT2 belt, inner bore is 4 mm, OEM pulley has 15 teeth but that might not matter)

  1. seems to be down
  2. Amazon has several but the inner bore is 5 or 8 mm, not 4 mm

Stepper motor driver

  1. From Uncle Chuck’s
    On this page:
    • Standard Stepper Motor Driver
    • Item # CSMB - 01

Voltage regulator (DC/DC converter)

  1. From Digi-Key (the pinout is not the same as the OEM regulator)
    $4.30 + shipping
  2. From MPJA (this is very large and must be mounted away from the PCB) [this works on the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $4.95 + shipping

Z-arm stiffeners

  1. From Home Zillions [these work on the Rep 1 --CLF]
    $42.00 + $10.00 shipping
  2. From Performance 3D
    $54.99 + shipping
  3. From BC (these are replacement arms, not stiffeners)
    $150.00 + shipping