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The Sand Sentinel Program

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The Sand Sentinel Program is aimed at creating an easier way for people to collect and file reports on suspected permit violations by frac sand mining companies.


Due to its use in fracking, the frac sand mining industry has been plaguing communities in western Wisconsin for many years. In September 2018, a number of people from around the Midwest who are fighting frac sand mining issues hosted check-in meetings on how things were going, sharing notes on some projects to date and ideas on pathways forward people were seeing that were new, or could use some more attention (see notes here and here). The Sentinel Program, originally conceived of by @Pat was highlighted as an opportunity.


The goals of this project are to make frac sand mining industry violations easier for people to spot and understand, and to increase accountability and transparency in reporting.

Video introducing this program:

Links shared in this video:

People who are involved

Activites we've done in our project

So far on this project, we have:

Next steps:

  • Finalize the draft reporting form materials,
  • Create an introduction to the folder,
  • Create draft training materials for sharing on how to use the folder and do reporting.
  • Pilot an in-person training.

Sentinel Materials

Below is draft materials for the Sentinel Program. Each document or page can be printed. (There is also a google docs version of this material available on this page)

1) Frac Sand Mining Pollution Incident Report Form and Guide

2) Observable air quality violations related to frac sand mining

3) Observable water quality violations related to frac sand mining

4) Observable transportation violations related to frac sand mining

5) Local reporting on frac sand mining issues

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