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  • What problems or use cases is this project related to?
  • Current tier of use?
  • Intended tier of use?
  • How easy it it to make?
  • How easy is it to use / is there a ladder of Hello World activities / are how-to guides available, and in what languages?
  • What type of data does it collect, and how understandable is that data?
  • What software is available for analyzing data, and how easy to use is it?
  • What are similar commercially available tools?


  • Get started
    • Materials
    • Setup steps (on boarding/hello worlds)
    • Reproduce existing tests
    • Ask a question
    • Join the discussion (list)
  • What's happening
    • Case studies
    • Goals and current status
    • Recent activity
  • Contribute
    • Open challenges/questions
    • Upcoming/proposed revisions
    • (pending Open Hour on research culture) Provide feedback for recent research